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Multiply is Bringing AI Superpowers to all Your Collaborative Workflows

Multiply, the AI-powered workspace that helps individuals and teams get rid of repetitive work while offering to get everything done with higher quality, 10x faster, is now out of stealth mode. We just raised $1.8M USD in a pre-seed round led by Tera VC and are super excited as this brings us one huge step closer to our goal of providing AI superpowers to all collaborative workflows.

Multiply is out of stealth mode

We have been in stealth mode for over a year and the new product is now available by invitation or waitlist at At Slush 2022 in Helsinki, visitors will get a first chance at trying out Multiply, hands-on. 

“Despite the recent progress in AI research, most of us still waste our days on never-ending, repetitive tasks. We're enduring the stress of using hundreds of limiting apps requiring manual work in disconnected data silos.”
— Martin Källström, Co-founder & CPO at Multiply.

What is Multiply?

Multiply is a flexible AI-first digital workspace that makes it effortless to build structured workflows for any need. No coding is required and the product is built on one global graph. This means that individuals, teams, communities and organizations can seamlessly connect workflows with each other. No matter what you're using Multiply for, AI is always available to help you get more done with higher quality, in less time. 

“Our product multiplies the creative potential of each user with AI. At the same time, we make it easy for everyone to co-create as one global network. While radically reducing repetitive work.”
— Rasmus Adler Wahlberg, Co-founder & CEO at Multiply

The Multiply founder team

The founder team of Multiply is all serial entrepreneurs with multiple previous exits and experience from building and growing products at Advisa, Twingly, Narrative, and Plejd. They now take on their most ambitious challenge yet, building Multiply to accelerate the co-creative future of work. A future where people, organizations, and AIs seamlessly create more together.

“We’re still at the infancy of end-user apps driven by generative AI. Multiply is solving the universally hard problems of productivity and collaboration. Despite all the open-ended tools that have become so popular the past 10 years, none even come close to the power Multiply puts in the user’s hands.”
— Stanislav Ivanov, Co-founder & Partner at

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