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New podcast episode: What is Co-creation?

Join Martin and Rasmus in the second episode of Co-creating with AI as they attempt to define what co-creation is and, also, what it’s not.

They first discuss the importance of creating value for yourself and others, collaborative flow, and pursuing common goals. They also talk about the importance of empowering leadership at every level of an organization and how to distribute leadership by focusing on creating opportunities for leadership. Lastly, they touch on participating with life, externalities, the importance of skill, and where to draw the boundaries for co-creation to make it a useful concept.

In this episode, Martin and Rasmus are starting to find their flow as podcast hosts. Tune in now to join the conversation and be sure to follow Co-creating with AI for future episodes.

You can listen to Episode 1 “What is Co-creation?” wherever you find your Podcasts or through the link below:

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