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Co-Creating with AI: Blending Code and Cola: The Rise of AI Co-Creation

At Multiply, we've always been at the forefront of exploring the vast potential of AI. In our latest podcast episode, Rasmus and Martin dive deep into the transformative world of co-creation with AI, and the revelations are nothing short of inspiring.

In the episode, Rasmus and Martin discuss Cursor, a tool that's not just reshaping our interactions with AI in coding but is redefining the very essence of collaboration. It's not merely about predictions; it's about crafting together, understanding nuances, and achieving precision. The power of being able to extract specific code documentation, offering us fine-tuned control over AI interactions, is a game-changer.

But their exploration doesn't stop there. They delve into the intricacies of training AI models from scratch versus fine-tuning them. It's akin to the difference between teaching a novice and refining an expert's skills. This distinction is vital, as it shapes how AI understands, learns, and ultimately, collaborates with us.

The conversation also touches upon the marvel that is Github Copilot. It's not just another tool in our arsenal; it's a co-writer, a partner. It understands context, offers suggestions, and evolves with each interaction, making the coding process more intuitive and less fragmented.

As Martin and Rasmus marvel at the reach of AI, from the proactive suggestions of Github Copilot to the reactive inputs of GPT-4, they're reminded of its vast potential. Even sectors outside of tech, like the beverage industry, are harnessing AI's power, as evidenced by Coca-Cola's AI-inspired flavor in Sweden.

In this episode, Rasmus and Martin don't just discuss the technicalities; they also celebrate the harmonious blend of human creativity with machine precision. It's a testament to our belief that the future isn't about machines replacing us; it's about machines working alongside us, enhancing our capabilities.

Listen to the full episode here

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