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Co-creation in the new Network Economy

Everything and everyone is connected

The world has more information, is more interconnected, and is changing faster than ever before. The strict borders of organizations are disappearing, with new types of structures for collaborations emerging. Together every company, team, and individual now plays a part in this complex web of value-creation that is the new Network Economy.

Working together used to be simple and static, but is now complex and ever-changing. Yet, collaboration across company borders, networks, society, and tools is still often hard, time-consuming, and full of friction.

It’s time for frictionless co-creation across company borders, networks and society

The world craves new models that make the complex simple and the simple effortless. Every individual should be able to find their part to play and their way to work in this new network economy. Organizations need the infrastructure to become both self-improving and self-actualizing, evolving their own processes and culture for sustainability. The world needs communities to become more intelligent and collective action to be both simple and mutually beneficial.

Creating things together is hard

We all know the difficulty of working together effectively towards a common goal. So many different factors play a role: communication, trust, leadership, stress, etc. It is often hard to find a way of working where we both reach our goals and allow everyone to thrive. Rigid software built by someone else, adds to the problem and keeps us fixed in bad patterns.

Co-creation should be effortless

Co-creation happens when collaboration is effortless and has an impact. When we come together and co-create as a team and as a community, we can build beautiful and amazing things.

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